Able-i will invoice against your current NDIS Plan up to the funds stated / per the hours specified and according to the supports agreed upon in the service agreement with us.

Our price per service aligns with and is no more than the NDIS price guide.

ABLE-i will seek payment for the provision of supports provided. This will include billing for hours for face-to-face contact and for nonface to face activities such as preparation of service plans, writing of reports, session notes, care team meetings, referrals, phone contact / text, emails, reading reports, meetings / liaising with other support agencies and resource development where appropriate. These charges are normally billed in 15-minute blocks.

ABLE-i agreement of service will and can change in line with changes made by NDIS. The hourly rates set by ABLE-i will increase in line with changes to the NDIS price guide when applicable and will not be more than what is stated by the NDIS.


Payments must be paid strictly within 7 days of the issue date of each invoice.

Accounts not paid within 7 days may attract a $10 re-issue fee and all services may need to be placed on hold till the invoice has been paid. All payments need to be referenced by the invoice number on payment.

You are responsible for keeping track of the plan expenditure and for the allocating of plan funds / hours to services you engage. It is your responsibility to inform ABLE-i when you are nearing the end of your allocated NDIS budget. In the case that there are insufficient funds to pay for services provided you will be asked to cover the outstanding costs.


Travel to and from client’s home, kinder, school etc. will incur provider travel charges, as described by the NDIS. Travel will be claimed to a first participant appointment each day, or for travel from one participant appointment to another. ABLE-i will claim the travel time at the hourly rate for the relevant support item and claim for return travel from the final appointment of the day where applicable.

ABLE-i will claim time used to travel to and from appointments up to maximum of 30min each way, plus kilometres travelled to and from clients.

Where possible ABLE-i will do their best to minimise provider travel cost to you by arranging and working with clients who may live in the same or similar areas on the day of appointments and apportion that travel time & kilometres between clients.

Travel costs to transport clients during community activities is not a free service and will incur additional cost of per kilometre.


Support Worker / Peer Mentor

Clients are required to pay for additional costs / expenses incurred during community-based support unless the associated cost is covered in the NDIS plan, then ABLE-i will invoice for these additional activity-based activities.

The Support Worker / Peer Mentor will pay for their own food and refreshments as required but not that of the client.

Please note that at times, Support Workers / Peer Mentor / Therapy Assistants will need to consult, plan or attend care team meetings with families, carers, therapist, support coordinators to ensure that the clients care needs are met. These times will be billed as additional hours under the support provided.

ABLE-i may seek an establishment fee from new clients under the approved categories.


If you miss or make a short-notice cancellation, which is less than 72hrs/3days, ABLE-i will seek full payment for the cancelled or missed appointment for our Early Intervention, Home and Community support services.

ABLE-i will seek full payment for the cancelled Group Programs, Short Term Accommodation and for our School Holiday Inclusion Activities program if less than 7 days’ notice for cancelation has been provided.
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