Employee Acceptance


ABLE-i will seek payment for the provision of services provided and will invoice against your current NDIS Plan for participants who are Self or Plan Managed, as per the price per service aligning with and not more than the NDIS price guide. This will include billing for hours for face-to-face contact and for non-face to face activities such as preparation of service plans, writing of reports, session notes, care team meetings, referrals, phone contact / text, emails, reading reports, meetings / liaising with other support agencies and resource development where appropriate. These charges are normally billed in 15-minute blocks.

Please note that ECI Key Workers / Therapists / Support Workers / Peer Mentors / Therapy Assistants etc will often consult with other therapist / coordinators etc to carefully ensure that the clients care needs are met. They work closely, share information, and consult regularly with other people in your care team, including attending ‘Care Meeting’ will be billed as additional hours under the supports provided. 

*NOTE: The cost of services / hourly rates set by ABLE-i will and can increase with or without notice to align with any changes to the NDIS price guide when applicable and will not be more than what is stated by the NDIS. Please refer to invoice for any future changes.  

Plan Managed – If you have nominated a Plan Management provider to manage your funded supports, ABLE-i will bill your plan management provider directly.  

Self-Managed – If you have chosen to Self-Manage your supports, ABLE-i will invoice you directly for payments. 

Terms of Payment

Payment is required as per ABLE-i terms of payment. Accounts must be paid strictly within 7 days from the issue date of each invoice. Accounts not paid within 7 days may attract a $10 re-issue fee at your expense and all services paused / cancelled till invoice has been paid in full.


All payments need to reference the invoice number on payment.


*Please note that you are responsible to ensure you have the NDIS budget to pay for services.

You are responsible for keeping track of the plan expenditure and for the allocating of plan funds / hours to services you engage. You are advised to inform ABLE-i when you are nearing the end of your allocated NDIS budget. In the case that there are insufficient funds to pay for services provided you will be asked to cover the cost of outstanding invoices.


Any outstanding or unpaid invoices is your responsibility. ABLE-i will engage legal support to recover any unpaid monies owing at your expense.


Provider Travel Expenses:

Travel to deliver services will incur provider travel charges, in line with the NDIS pricing guide. Travel will be claimed to a first participant appointment each day, or for travel from one participant appointment to another. ABLE-i will claim the travel time at the hourly rate for the relevant support item and claim for return travel from the final appointment of the day where applicable.

ABLE-i will claim time used to travel to and from appointments up to maximum of 30min each way, plus up to $1.00 per kilometre travelled in each direction.

Where possible ABLE-i will do their best to minimize provider travel cost to you by arranging and working with clients who may live in the same or similar areas on the day of appointments and apportion that travel time & kilometres (including the return journey where applicable) between clients.

Travel costs to transport clients is not a free service and will incur additional cost of up to $1.00 per kilometre.

Some services booked may be charged at no less than two hours per booking (Travel time included) this is dependent on when you want the service to occur and if the person providing the services has more than one client booking before or after your booking. Please discuss this with us if you would like to make alternative arrangements.


Participants of the NDIS are not able to use their NDIS funding for non-disability related supports. Any additional costs / expenses relating to recreational pursuits, such as event tickets, entrance fees for activities, food, parking and public or private transportation etc, cannot be paid using NDIS funding.

Support Worker / Peer Mentor will pay for their own food and refreshments as required but not that of the client or other associated costs.


ABLE-i may seek an establishment fee of no more than $621.70 for each new NDIS plan from clients and or clients who use maximum of 20 hours of supports under the approved categories per month.


Changes to Supports or Appointments:

  • Should you require to change when or how supports are to be provided, you agree to give appropriate notification.
  • If you miss or make a short-notice cancellation, which is less than 72hrs/3days, ABLE-i will seek full payment for the cancelled or missed appointment.
  • In some cases where supports are delivered in a group or STA a seven (7) clear days’ notice for a support is required.
  • If a service is cancelled and we are unable to find another participant to replace the booked service, you will be billed the previously agreed rate.
  • Should missed appointments start to happen on a regular basis, we both agree that it is time to discuss and review this Agreement.


ABLE-i Responsibilities:

We will:

  • Act in the best interest of the participant at all times.
  • Plan to achieve the best outcome for the participant.
  • Work with the participant to provide supports in a manner that suit their needs.
  • Consult the participant on decisions about how supports are provided.
  • Treat the participant with courtesy and respect.
  • Communicate openly and honestly and in a timely manner.
  • Listen to the participant’s feedback and work to resolve problems quickly.
  • Keep clear and timely records on the supports provided where required.
  • Protect the participant’s privacy and confidential information.
  • Operate under any relevant privacy requirements.
  • Review the service with the participant as required.
  • Where and when possible, provide tele practice services and will not provide face to face services if anyone is feeling unwell.
  • Adhere to the Child Safe Standards, Disability Service Safeguards Regulations and NDIS Code of Conduct


Participant’s Responsibilities:

You, agree to:

  • Work cooperatively with ABLE-i to ensure that services and supports are delivered to meet your needs.
  • Keep ABLE-i informed of any changes to your situation that may have an impact on this agreement.
  • Speak with ABLE-i if you have any concerns about the services or supports being provided.
  • Keep your home safe of danger or situations which may place ABLE-i employees at risk or harm to the best of your ability.
  • No smoking in the presents of staff.
  • No animals / pets in the presents of staff.
  • Treat all ABLE-i employees with respect and courtesy and free from harassment. (We may and will cancel our agreement without prior notice if employees are threatened and treated disrespectfully).
  • Inform ABLE-i of any changes which may impact on your safety and that of our employees.


  • Inform ABLE-i of any changes to your needs which may affect your wellbeing.
  • Provide consent to ABLE-i to collect or share relevant information from & or to other professionals involved in your care / therapy where appropriate.
  • Inform ABLE-i and or their staff, if you have any medical conditions (i.e. Asthma, allergies flu symptoms, infections disease) or you are feeling unwell.
  • Cancel and reschedule appointments if you are feeling unwell.


  • Provide ABLE-i with the budget allocation for services if different to what is stated in the NDIS Plan for service provided.
  • Oversee the NDIS funding expenditure and insure there is funding to fully pay for services delivered by ABLE-i and pay invoices with in the 7-day notice for payment. Unpaid invoices are your responsibility. Failure to do so in a timely manner will be reported to the NDIS and could lead to legal proceedings.
  • Provide 2 weeks notice and inform ABLE-i in writing if terminating services.
  • Inform ABLE-i when NDIS plan dates change, or plan has been extended or renewed.


IMPORTANT health and wellbeing

All parties will cancel face to face appointments if they or anyone in the home are feeling unwell.


Complaint / Compliments / Disputes:

If you are happy with our service, wish to make a complaint or have a dispute, please contact ABLE-i by emailing admin@able-i.com.au to discuss how we can rectify the problem. If you have a recommendation on how we could improve our services, please let us know.

For independent support or assistance of a complaint with any disability service you use please contact the Disability Services Commissioner; ph.1800 677 342 (free call from landlines) or TTY 1300726563, Web.www.odsc.vic.gov.au, e.complaints@odsc.vic.gov.au



On signing of this service agreement, you agree to give permission for ABLE-i to:

  • Share and collect information with other services including NDIS, relating to providing the best care and support when and where applicable or necessary.
  • Take photos for the purpose of providing support to assist with therapy and with daily activities.
  • Contact other service providers where applicable.
  • Speak with NDIS / your Local area Coordinator / Early Childhood Coordinator / Support Coordinator on your behalf and share information.

Please let us know if you do not give permission for this to occur.


Termination of Services

  • The current Service Agreement is valid until ABLE-i is notified in writing that services provided by ABLE-i are no longer required.
  • Should either party require this Agreement to end, notice of 14 business days must be given in writing and or if either party seriously breaches this Agreement, then the Agreement may be ceased immediately.
  • We may and will cancel our agreement without prior notice if employees are threatened and treated disrespectfully.
  • You are responsible to ensure all invoices are paid within the allocated 7 days. You are responsible for any associated costs to ABLE-i to re-cope unpaid invoices. Including any legal costs.
  • Solicitation: You, and associated parties, agree to not solicit ABLE-i employees to perform related work outside of ABLE-i. Doing so could result in ABLE-i requesting payment in full and or legal action and you paying for associated legal costs and immediately termination of this agreement.


Liability Waiver

      You agree to:

  • waive and release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge ABLE-i, and its agents, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors and assigns, coaches, teachers and trustees of and from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, cause of action, lawsuits, damages, and liabilities, of every kind of nature, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that you ever had or may have, arising from or in any way related to your participation in any events or activities conducted by, on the premises or in community, of, or for the benefit of, ABLE-i & associated trust.
  • waive all claims of damage, injuries and death sustained to you or your property, that you may have against the fore mentioned, release party to such activities, including claims in tort, contract, equity or otherwise.
  • the term of this waiver and release, understand and confirm that by accepting this waiver and release you have given up considerable future legal rights in relation activities.
  • signing or return email accepting terms in this agreement as proof of your intention to execute a complete and unconditional waiver and release of all liability in relation to all activities to the full extent of the law.



I confirm that:

  • I have read the agreement and I understand its contents.
  • I agree to the terms of this Agreement.
  • I understand my right to make a complaint to the appropriate bodies.
  • I understand that this agreement will continue till either party ceases agreement by providing written notice of 14 business days.
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•   Accept the employment offer made by ABLE-i.

•   Have read and understand the terms and conditions in the attached employment contract.

•   Have discussed any issues I have with these terms and conditions with my employer, and they have considered and responded to any issues raised.

•   Understand and agree to the terms and conditions of employment set out in this contract.

•   Have received a copy of the contract and this letter of offer for my records.

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