The founder of Able-i is a registered teacher and has a Masters Degree in Special Education, Early Intervention and Inclusion from the University of Melbourne; including the required Working with Children and Police Checks. Josie has had many years of working with children during her teaching career. She has taught for over 20 years and since 2007 she has worked as a teacher in an Autism specific school. She has a wealth of knowledge in Autism and Cognitive Learning difficulties and has her own personal experience with raising her own children with additional learning needs.

Josie decided to start Able-i and offer this service to families when she realised that many families of the students she was teaching needed help / support at home and were unsure about accessing support through the NDIS. They were not sure what they needed to do or how to find appropriate services that could support them and their child’s complex and individual needs. She would listen to their concerns and difficulty they experienced finding professionals who would offer therapy beyond their clinics and who had the experience to engage their child in therapy sessions. She found that families wanted support and help which was meaningful and addressed the development of their child’s functional skills.

Josie realised that with the introduction of NDIS, families and the disabled now have more choice and control over who supports them and how. Making it possible for individually tailored supports, programs and interventions which directly relate to the needs of the child and family.

Not only does Josie have the professional experience and knowledge, she also has a lived experience as a parent of three children with ASD, one with a cognitive disability and two diagnosed as high functioning. Her personal experience with raising children with additional needs, allows her to truly understand what families go through and how important the right supports can make for the whole family.

With this collective experiences both personally and professionally, Josie can provide support and learning opportunities in a holistic approach in all areas of a child’s learning needs and for their families.

Josie is passionate about supporting and helping families and their very special children to reach their full potential.

We're happy to meet with families for an initial meet and greet before you decide to choose Able-i.